Grocer – Rhymes on Profession

A grocer is somebody who makes sure you have all the supplies you need at home! Think about how inconvenient it would be if there was no store around your house? That’s probably why they’re called ‘convenience’ stores… Here is a song that tells you all about the people who run such outlets for you.

I’m a grocer; I sell grocery,

And provisions needed by you daily.

I own and run a grocery store,

That may be far away or right next door!



If I am a green grocer, I sell fruits,

Vegetables, herbs and roots.



I sell loaves of bread and jars of jam,

Biscuits and cheese tins and drink cans.

Talcum powder, shampoos, oils and soaps,

Tea, coffee, sugar, milk and oats!





I make sure, all the food items that I sell,

Are preserved, packaged and presented well.

In keeping business accounts I’m really good,

I see that my instructions are understood!





In my calculations I am rather quick,

But calculators, for me do the trick.

To keep foods fresh, refrigerators help me,

To weigh goods, weighing balances help me!




I may run a mobile grocery store,

Or deliver goods at your door.

Prices may rise, prices may dip,

But I always have them at my fingertips!

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