Guava Fruit Rhyme

Learn about Guava fruit English nursery rhyme for children. Watch this amazing Guava cartoon fruits song for kids. A citrus fruit that’s good inside out! Every bit of it is useful!

I am a fruit that is oval or round,

Growing in tropics I am found,

My skin’s green when I’m hard and unripe,

Yellow as I turn soft and ripe.

In colour my pulp is pink or white,

Having tiny seeds that are hard alright!


I’m highly rich in Vitamin C,

That fights germs, gives you immunity,

I have all the fibre that you need,

Eat lots of me with my skin and seeds.

You love my punches, jellies and jams,

Now tell me what fruit I am.

Chorus :  Oh guava fruit, we know you! Polly our parrot loves you!

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