Happy New Year Song! | Appu wishes you a Happy New Year (4K)

Appu wishes you a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

Appu: I wonder why Neena has still not come to sleep?

Tiger: This is never happened before.

Appu: I hope everything is ok.

Tiger: I’m so bored. Hope she comes soon.


Come dear friends

It’s time for fun

Scream out loud

And break the rules


Tiger: No! we can’t do that!

Appu: We’ll all get into trouble!

Oh no! We won’t

Not tonight

After all its New Year Eve

Its New Year Eve


We all stay up

To say goodbye

To the year gone by

And welcome a brand New Year


Appu & Tiger: Wow! Are you sure?

Neena: Of course! I am.

So, come now friends

Lets clap our hands

And wish each other

A Happy New Year!!!



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