Helicopter – Vehicle Rhyme

Helicopters or choppers, as they’re known, whizz around with their spinning blades and can land just about ANYWHERE! Watch this song to know more about this automobile!

I am the handy, helicopter,

Also known to a few as a chopper.

On my round head is a very big fan,

From anywhere I can take off, or land!


I can fly forward, as well as backward,

Hover in a place like a humming bird.

I can fly to places, hard to reach,

To a mountain or a rocky beach!


I land on my wheels, or landing skids,

I have a cockpit for the pilot to sit.

On my tail is a little fan too,

To help me fly, it does all it can do!


I use biodiesel or gasoline to fly,

Although not too far or too high in the sky.

Indeed my engines make a very big noise,

The sight of me makes little ones rejoice!


I may not be as, fast as an airplane,

But I can lift heavy things like a crane.

Although I carry not many but few,

I’m a big help in gathering news!


I help you enjoy, nature’s beauty,

In the military I do my duty.

In fires and floods, I come to your rescue,

In medical transport I am used too!

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