Hippopotamus – Animal Rhymes in Ultra HD (4K)

Hippopotamuses are some of the widely known animals out there in the wild. They bask in shallow and deep waters and they bob up and down like ballet dancers… Well, here is a song that tells you all about their ways.

I am a hippopotamus;

I never make a fuss.

I grunt through my nose,

Which is slightly pinkish rose.


You’ll find me now in Africa.

I once lived in Asia.

I can sleep in a river,

For hours together!


I feed on moss, plants and veggies;

I look for goodies.

I can do more than swim;

I bounce around and spin.


My calves weigh a hundred pounds

At birth and look so round.

They always stay by my side

At every step and stride.


I live to be forty years.

I move in slow gears.

I can move in quick bursts

At times that are worst.


I live with my herd pretty much;

We don’t eat so much,

About 80 pounds of grass

Is all that we have.


I can hold my breath for five minutes

And that’s about it.

I’m like a ballerina

I bob like a star.






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