Horse Rhymes, Horse Animal Rhymes Videos for Children

Horse rhyme & video for children to learn about the animal, horse. Watch this lovely kids’ rhyme on horse. This song on horse is bound to enchant you! They are such majestic animals. They have been raised and bred by humans for thousands of years.

The parade came marching through the town)


I’m the loyal and magnificent horse,

Riding me kings and soldiers,

Have fought many wars,

Since ages I have served man,

Carried him across many lands,

Whether I canter, trot or gallop I look grand!


My tail and mane have long, silken, straight hair,

My young one is called a foal,

And female a mare,

In black, brown, white colors I’m seen,

I run like a lightning beam,

I can sleep as I stand,

Although odd it may seem.


On open pastures, on green grass I graze,

In stables and barns,

I am kept warm and safe,

On ranches I’m taken to train,

Where I have to suffer great pain,

Could you set me free,

From whips, saddles and reins?

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