Hot Air Balloon – Vehicle Rhyme

Hot Air Balloons are gorgeous automobiles… They flit, float, bump you up to the top of the world… Hop on to a hot air balloon and soak in the beauty that lies beneath you… It’s breath taking! Here is a song that gives a glimpse of what goes into making one! Watch and enjoy!

I am a very, very big balloon,

And am called a hot air balloon.

I don’t leave you to just watch me fly,

But take you with me to the open sky!


I come in many shapes, but I’m mostly round.

I cannot fly, when the rain pours down.

I‘m at my best when the wind is light,

And when the day is clear and bright!


I have a burner to heat the air,

An envelope to hold the hot, light air.

I carry you up above the land,

In a basket that’s for you to stand!


I look so colorful floating around,

And so calm as I don’t make a sound.

Far or near, high or low,

I carry up to twenty passengers as I go!


Fly me for a great adventure and fun,

Up in the air, under the golden sun.

Watch the wonderful castles and trees,

The green meadows and lakes and seas!

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