Hovercraft – Vehicle Rhyme

Hovercraft is such a graceful automobile… it can float on water and it can race on land! It’s quite versatile. Here is a song that tells you all you need to know about hovercraft. It’s one of the most novel vehicles you’ll ever find.

I’m a hovercraft, an amphibious vehicle,

I’m also called an air cushion vehicle!

From land to water, from water to land,

I travel over ice and mud and sand!


I may look quite like a boat to you,

But I am not one, and that is true.

I don’t sail in water on high and low tides,

But on a cushion of air I simply slide!


My parts are propellers, fans, and a fin,

A rudder, an air-cushion and an engine!

All around the air-cushion is my skirt,

That helps me glide with minimum effort!



For the military I am very precious,

In ferrying cargo and passengers, I’m gracious!

I’m used in search and rescue operations,

I’m quite popular in sports and recreation!


As I glide above, and not on surfaces,

Very efficient indeed are my services.

To run, much fuel I don’t really need,

I make less noise, and great is my speed!


However, steep hills I simply can’t climb;

Thorny bushes to me are rather unkind;

If you haven’t yet, you must check me out,

I’m extraordinary without a doubt!

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