Jackfruit – Fruit Rhyme

Learn about Jackfruit fruit English nursery rhyme for children. Watch this amazing Jackfruit cartoon fruits song for kids. A spkiy and juicy tropical fruit, made of layers with pockets of pulps! What is it? Jackfruit, yes it is! It takes years for a jackfruit tree to bear fruit!

I’m the biggest fruit that grows on a tree,

As sweet and aromatic as it can be.

I hang from trunks and branches high and low,

In hot and humid climate I grow.


I‘ve a green skin that’s spiked, thick and leathery,

My sweet, yellow pulp is crisp or rubbery,

My seeds when cooked and peeled make a great meal,

Cattle are fed with my peel.


Get fiber, energy, nutrients from me,

Unripe or ripe I taste simply yummy!

My chips, curries, desserts must be tried by you,

I want to know my name from you.

Chorus: You’re a jackfruit, aren’t you?

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