Jambul – Fruit Rhyme in Ultra HD (4K)

Jambul is a purplish delight! A dash of salt is enough bring out its explosive tangy-tart flavor! It’s lip-smacking good! Now, right from nutritional facts, to its medicinal uses there are so many things that you’ve just gotta to know about this fruit. Play this song, and you’ll learn all that in minutes! The court priest is a vain, arrogant man. Moreover, he is always bothering Tenali Raman until one day, when Tenali decides to teach him a painful lesson.

In South-East Asia, I’m well-known,

To most of you I may be unknown,

Among many of my names, Jambul is one,

Also Indian blackberry and Java plum!




I’m a berry that’s oblong in shape,

Purplish black in colour like a black grape,

My pulp is sweet but also tart,

Covering a seed that’s oval and hard!





My thick, evergreen trees give you shade,

From their bark and leaves medicines are made,

For over a hundred years they survive,

I ripenon them when the monsoon arrives!











Highly medicinal are my seeds,

They work wonders in treating diabetes,

Stomach ailmentsI very well cure,

For the health of gums I’m a boon for sure.





I taste delicious with seasoning and salt,

I stain your mouth purple but that’s not my fault,

Uncooked and raw, I am liked best,

Who am I,have you guessed?

Chorus :You’rea jambul andyou are blessed!



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