Jeep – Vehicle Rhyme

A song on jeep! One of the sturdiest, handiest and most useful automobiles that we use. Here are some facts you’ll love to know!

The cousin of a car,

I am a jeep.

See me in jungle safaris,

In the woods deep!!


I’m quite like a car,

But stronger and higher.

For rocky, bumpy roads,

Are designed my tyres!


I take heavy loads,

I’m rough and tough.

I serve well the army,

And police, sure enough!


With or without a roof,

With or without a door,

“Open” or “closed”, I come,

In patterns more than four!


Not just on roads,

But off-roads too,

You can count on me,

To safely take you!


For long adventures,

I’m the perfect choice you see,

With your kith and kin,

Why not hop into me?

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