Kinetic Typography Songs (4K)

Enjoy 14 Kinetic Typography Songs: Be Kind: 00.02 Here is a fun song set in kinetic typography talking about one of the most crucial virtues we need… It’s being kind! A little act of love and warmth can make the sun shine brighter upon a lousy day. What act of yours has the power to turn a frown upside down? Well… Listen to this song! Work Work Work: 03:17 Work, work, work all day long during your wakeful hours. It’s the best gift you can give yourself! It’s always rewarding to better yourself with every task and every passing day. Now, here is a song that tells you all about the joy that hard work brings! It’s a Wonderful Life: 05:22 It’s time we realized the fact that it’s a wonderful life! There is so much around you that you ought to wake up to, celebrate every bud, every sunbeam and make the most of what we have. Here is a chirpy song about all things that demand notice. Keep the Planet Green: 07:28 Our planet Earth is home to a gazillion species. It’s our job to see that it’s happy and always at the ‘green’ of its health… There is so much you can do to paint it green. Start with planting some trees, and watch the magic unfold. Here is a song that shows what fun it is keeping the planet green. People Work to Run the World: 09:33 People Work to Run the World is a song that teaches what goes on in the background. How do you think things are always in order? Magic? Well, there are some special people who work to bring about that magic in our world. Play this sound and find out. Mama: 11:26 We all have somebody who’s caring and nurturing in our lives– it’s most often our mother. Mama is the single-most important person in everybody’s life. It’s time to appreciate all that she stands for– kindness, generosity and optimism. The Good Things in Your Life: 13:47 You’re blessed, and you should know that! It’s high time you started cheering yourself up with all things beautiful, all things nice and all great things that fill your life. Here is a song that gives a good look at all those things that make your day special! We all are Special: 16:26 We All Are Special is a very special song that celebrates all our uniqueness. We’re all different let’s all rise up and cheer tot that, shall we? Here is a song that is bound to make you see the best in yourself. My Sister: 18:12 My Sister is a song about a special person who gets a vicarious pleasure in poking fun at you and making you feel small… Look deep, deep inside of her, she’s not really the monster that she shows herself to be… Hold My Hand: 20:03 Hold My Hand is a song that gives a good solution to all grim problems. Always remember that there is someone there offering a shoulder, or a hand to hold. We all need this kind of support from time to time. The Boy in My Class: 21:45 The Boy in My Class is a song about what you do when you want to make it clear to a friend of yours that there is something called your space… Is there a nice way to talk to a difficult person? Play this song and find out! Pets: 23:51 Pets is a song about friends that we adopt. They’re at home and they always hop out and say hello to you when they see you. They take care of you when you’re upset. They know what to do to bring back your spirits. Here is a song on them! We are Human: 25:16 We Are Human no matter where we are located geographically. Your colour, language, food and your festivals largely differ. There is one very important thing that you binds you to others… You’re human! Listen to this song and sing along! What Will I be When I Grow: 27:08 What Will I Be When I Grow is a song about the question that we all have about ourselves? What do we become once we grow up? Someone special, for sure… What’s most important to remember? Listing to this song and you’ll know.

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