Kiwi Fruit Rhyme

Learn about Kiwi fruit English nursery rhyme for children. Watch this amazing Kiwi cartoon fruits song for kids. Kiwis are fleshy fruits that some people love on their fancy cakes. Their segments look absolutely exotic.

Of a woody vine, I’m a berry,

I’m also called a Chinese gooseberry!

From China I come, I need plenty of sun.

New Zealanders like me,

On a large scale they grow me!


My skin is fibrous, greenish brown in color,

My pulp is sweet and unique in flavor,

It’s golden or bright green,

With tiny, black, edible seeds,

I’m oval, a hen’s egg in size.

To have me ripe and fresh is wise!


I’m found hanging down in bunches,

Delicious are my jellies and punches.

I’ve fiber and vitamin C, K and minerals in plenty.

With a bird I share my name,

Now can you guess my name?


Chorus :


Kiwifruit is your good name,

You indeed are of worldwide fame!

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