Lady’s Finger – Vegetable Rhyme for Children

Lady’s finger… it gets all gooey when it’s wet. It’s brain food. You’ll definitely see a difference when you have it regularly.

I look quite like my name, that is lady’s finger,

Tapering at one end, I am long and slender,

Okra is another name given to me,

Although a fruit of my plant, I’m called a veggie you see.


In places with a tropical climate I grow,

From yellow or white flowers, on little plants you know,

I’m filled with many, tiny seeds that are round and white,

Cook me with them when I’m green, tender, crisp and bright.

I’m slimy when I’m cut raw but not so when I am fried,

Stuff me and stew me into a variety wide,

I’m full of fibre, minerals, Folate, Vitamin C,

I’m simply great in every way, to good health I’m the key!

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