Lawyer – Rhymes on Profession

Lawyers are great speakers! They know exactly how to present a scenario. They also know how to collect evidence that help prove innocence of their client. You need to be really sharp to be a lawyer. Here is a song that tells you all about what a lawyer does while handling a case.

In a black gown and a white collar,

Indeed I have the look of a scholar.

I fight for justice and for honor,

I am a lawyer, I am a lawyer!



I’m so well-informed, and so full of grace.

I am much needed in every work place.

I’m often seen in or around a law court,

Where I fight cases of many a sort!



I spend years and years to study the law,

So I should know it without a flaw.

I defend the innocent to set them free,

I gather evidence to punish the guilty.




I handle cases of tax and crime.

In meeting clients, I spend my time.

I prepare documents like contracts and wills.

I own good speaking and writing skills!




Sometimes I’m called a barrister,

An attorney, advocate or solicitor.

I conduct research on legal issues,

And settle family and business disputes!



I need to be rather clever and smart.

If I lose a case, I shouldn’t lose my heart.

To be a good lawyer, I must always fight,

For clients who are honest, good and right!

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