Learn Days of the Week – Kids Song

Easy to learn days of the week for your kids.

Neena: Guys don’t you think it’s boring that we keep saying today, yesterday and tomorrow? There are 7 days in a week.  Just have a look at this calendar.

Appu: Why don’t we sing about it?

Tiger: Sounds like loads of fun!

Tune: Mary had a little lamb





Sunday is a bright fun day,

To go outside and play.



Monday is a busy day,

I rush to school away.



Tuesdays I dance all day long,

To my favorite song.



Wednesday is the third week day,

I get some time to play.




Thursday is a day that’s cool,

I play with clay at school.



Friday is the last week day,

I take paint balls and I spray.



Saturday is a lazy day,

I try not to while away.


Appu, Neena and Tiger

Five days of the week are week days,

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.


Two days of the week are weekends,

Saturday and Sunday.




These are the.

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