Leopard – Animal Rhymes in Ultra HD (4K)

Speed, agility and a lot more is what a leopard is built with. They LOVE to swim and splash about. They hunt for fish and other animals on land. Here is a song that tells you all they love to do!

I’m a leopard, I leap up high;

I purr and roar in great style.

I climb up tall trees and hide.

I’m rarely ever spied.


I’m from Asia and Africa;

Up on trees is where I slack off.

I love to swim in ponds and pools,

It keeps me fresh and cool.


I hunt beasts of every form;

Land or water, strong and horned.

I eat once in every three days.

I move from place to place.


My babies are called leopard cubs

I often lick their coat and scrub.

Their spots are hard to see,

Because they’re too muzzy.


I live to be twenty years;

I’m known to be fast and fierce.

Some don’t have any spots.

Black panther is what they’re called.


We mostly live all alone.

Unless we have cubs of our own.

Our dark spots are called ‘rosette’

They’re always nicely set.

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