Lettuce – Vegetable Rhyme

Here is a leafy vegetable ready to be tossed into your salad!!! Have a good bowl of lettuce it’s rich in minerals!

A refreshing vegetable,

That’s green and leafy,

I am the lettuce,

So very crunchy and so very juicy!

The ancient Egyptians first cultivated me,

The Greeks and the Romans liked me too,

So to their countries they took me!


I was just a weed,

And then oil was made from my seeds.

Slowly I was grown for my leaves,

And remained no more just a weed!

Then spread all over the world, my popularity,

I was loved in salads and burgers,

As I grew in many a variety!


I love cool weather and that is where I grow,

To warm places I am exported,

And sold at green grocers you know!

Have me mainly for my potassium, Vitamin A,

For other minerals and fiber, vitamin C and vitamin K!

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