Lion Rhymes, Lion Animal Rhymes Videos for Children

Lion rhymes & video for children to learn about lions. Watch this lovely kids’ rhyme on Lion. This song on Lion is bound to enchant you! Say hello to the king of the jungle, lion! He has a majestic mane, doesn’t he! Watch him walk around big and proud!

I am the jungle king;

The most majestic thing,

I’m the ferocious, mighty lion;

Of cats I am a kin!


My head’s crowned by a thick mane,

That makes lionesses look plane,

I live in a group that’s called a pride;

Over my territory I reign.


While I guard the cubs of my pride,

The females hunt side by side,

They hunt much better than the males,

But let the males eat first with pride!


I rest in the shade all day,

Saving energy to hunt for my prey,

My roar is so very loud;

It can be heard five miles away!


In Africa and Asia I’m seen,

In grasslands and woods green,

Although I swim well and am a cat,

On trees I’m rarely seen!

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