Litchi – Fruit Rhyme in Ultra HD (4K)

Litchi tastes creamy and divine. It goes well with all kinds of juices and pulps! You’ve gotta taste it to believe it, or listen to this song to know what’s in it. You’ll become a fan in no time!

I’m a fruit that’s oriental,

Round, oval or conical,

In China I was born,

Of me now the whole world is fond,

Name me! Name me!

Name me! Name me!



My pulp is white and translucent,

Juicy, sweet and fragrant,

Inside is a big shiny seed,

That’s very toxic indeed!

Name me! Name me!

Name me!Name me!




A pinkish red is my skin,

Leathery and not at all thin,

It’s rough and tightly packed,

Protecting me from insect attack!

Name me! Name me!

Name me! Name me!




In calories I am low,

My sugar gives energy though,

I’m full of vitamins and minerals,

Nutritionally rich in general,

Name me, name me

Name me, name me!




I’m eaten for pleasure,

To control blood pressure,

For a good heart, bones and skin,

I’m stocked when the season is in,

Name me, name me,

Name me, name me!



I taste so sweet and succulent,

In desserts too I’m excellent,

When raw I am at my best

Eat me and you’ll be impressed!










Name me! Name me!

Name me!Name me!

You’re the lovely litchi!

Chorus : You’re the lovely litchi!


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