Mango Fruit Rhyme for Children, Mango Cartoon Fruits Song for Kids

Learn about Mango fruit English nursery rhyme for children. Watch this amazing Mango cartoon fruits song for kids. Mango is a fruit that is found to grow chiefly in the tropics. From leaves to roots ever bit of the tree is useful.

‘The king of fruits’, they call me, I have a big, hard seed.

When raw I am sour, when ripe I am sweet.

I come in colors yellow, red, orange and green,

In pickles, jellies, jams and juices I am seen.


I grow in Asia and am sent across the seas.

I’m full of energy and rich in Vitamin C.


I grow on trees, ever so big and green,

From yellow flowers that smell oh so sweet.


Birds and animals love to feast on me,

Children love to pluck me and suck on me.

I cost a pretty penny, in summers you’ll find me.

I come in types many, can you name me?


Chorus : That’s rather simple, you are the fruit ‘mango’, say we.

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