Monkey Rhymes, Monkey Animal Rhymes Videos for Children

Monkey rhyme & video for children to learn about mischievous monkeys. Watch this lovely kids’ rhyme on monkey. Monkeys swing from tree to tree. They jump on everything they see. Here is a song that tells you all about them.

When you find your farms invaded,

When there is an utter mess,

When your kitchen garden’s raided,

We’re the culprits we confess!


We are the mischievous monkeys,

We live in the forest trees,

We love to swing on branches,

We like to mimic and tease!


We’re always seen in a group,

Called a mission or a troop,

Like humans we nurse our loved ones,

We feel love and grief too!


We eat vegetables and fruits,

Flowers and insects too,

We skillfully peel and eat up,

Groundnuts stolen from you!


If you want us to dwell in forests,

Into your world not to stray,

If you want us not to trouble you,

Stop cutting down trees, we pray!

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