Motorcycle – Vehicle Rhyme

Motorcycles make for such fun rides! It’s every adventure lover’s favorite… You can go for miles, and miles, and miles without a care in the world! It’s like having a pair of wings! Oh well, almost! The kind of exciting places that a motorcycle can get you too, it’s speed, it’s gorgeous shape all add to its attributes… You’ll understand, when you’re old enough to ride! 😉 Here is a song on motorcycles that you’re bound to enjoy.

I am your favorite motorbike.

Call me a motorcycle, if you like.

I’m the hero of all two-wheelers,

I’m the pride of all vehicle dealers.


I’m heavy, but also quite tough;

Ride me on roads smooth or rough.

For sports and races, I am so fit.

In acrobatics, I’m such a hit!


An engine, a clutch, brakes, foot gears,

Have been my parts for many years,

The accelerator gives me my speed,

Petrol, the energy I need!



Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki,

BMW and Kawasaki,

Are a few companies that manufacture me,

I’m famous worldwide you see!


Ride me daily to your workplace,

Or for a joyride or a race,

But then I am only a machine,

Keep me well maintained and clean!


Ride me solo or pillion,

I’m special, and one in a million.

Men love to ride me with their brides,

I’m indeed every owner’s pride!



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