Mouse Rhymes, Mouse Animal Rhymes Videos for Children

Mouse rhyme & video for children to learn about mice. Watch this lovely kids rhyme on mice. An all new song on a squeaky little friend, Mouse! Watch this video to know what they do scurrying around your house all day long!

I’m the tiny rodent mouse,

At night I sneak into your house,

When you are in the middle of a dream,

I can make you jump and scream!

I remain hidden all day,

It’s very hard to drive me away!

I bite clothes and books to shreds.

I feast on grains, cheese and bread.


I live in drains, pipes, burrows,

I’ve long whiskers and a wriggling nose,

Big ears, beady eyes and pink feet,

A hairless long tail, sharp front teeth!

You can hear me squeak all night,

So swift in no time, I’m out of sight,

When the dreadful cats are away,

We naughty mice are at play!

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