Mulberry – Fruit Rhyme in Ultra HD (4K)

Mulberry is famously known for its tangy taste of course the song that plays on and on in your head. Here is song that gives you some juicy bits of the fruits. Of course, it has some nutritious pulp too!

I was born in China, then taken to,

Europe centuries ago,

Now Africa, America and Asia too,

In warm and temperate regions I grow.


I am actually a collective fruit,

I’m formed by the clustering of tiny drupelets,

When I ripen fully I taste juicy and sweet,

My leaves are known to be medicinal,

And to silkworms, they are fed.


I’m full of iron, vitamin B complex,

I have magnesium, potassium , manganese,

From diseases, I keep you free.


I make all your dishes so very colorful,

I’m so refreshing and delicious,


You sing my song as you go around my bush,


If you know my name, tell me what it is!

Little Arabella Miller.

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