Multiplication Table Rhymes – 1 to 20 in Ultra HD (4K)

Tables 1-20 Numbers are easy to crunch when they are sung out loud! Table -1 (00.08) Table 1 gives you rules of repeated addition. Play this song and find out how the numbers fall into place. There is also a fun story about how Fluffy and Squeaky run to the store to have a tea-party. Table -2 (01.32) Table – 2 gives a set of evenly spaced numbers. That’s what happens when you multiply by two in a row. This song makes it much easier to follow the pattern. Watch this cuckoo save her tree… Table – 3 (03.52) Table – 3 is where it gets a little tricky to remember. This song might make it easier… Coupled with Toto’s sea expedition! Table – 4 (05.48) Table – 4 is a fun table to work on. Here is a song that makes it easy for you to make sense of how the numbers combine and get distributed. Table – 5 (07.49) Table – 5 is a table that has a unique pattern. It ends with either 0’s or 5’s. Learn how they unfold into a beautiful pattern through this song. Table – 6 (10.34) Table -6 somehow seems to spell magic tricks. Here is a song that magically teaches you all that you need to know understand the sequence! Table – 7 (12.44) Table – 7 is worked into a song that smells like baked goods that you would want to lap up to the last crumb. Table – 7 will most certainly find its way to your head. Table – 8 (14.25) Table – 8 has got a heart-warming story woven into it. Learn this song and the table and they are bound to stay with you for good. Table – 9 (16.16) Table – 9 in the form of a song and story. Memorize the table as you watch the story of this family of birds, living cosily up on a tree. Table – 10 (18.22) Table – 10 is something you won’t get tired of at all and will sing it over and over again. Learn this fun song, and see how magically the facts sink into you. Table – 11 (20.25) Table -11 is a dreamy song that takes you to a candy land, filled with confectionary of all sorts. This song will tempt you into learning the table for sure. Table – 12 (22.07) Table 12 is a story of hope! A frog that leaps out to freedom after getting trapped in a dry well! Learn the song memorize the table. Table – 13 (23.53) Table -13 is a woven into a story that tells you about a grasshopper who was too lazy and never bothered to get food for himself. Watch the song to know what happens and to learn one of the toughest of all tables. Table – 14 (25.37) Table -14 is all about the fuss that involves in maintaining a long hair. It’s such a pain! You’ll know the story in the process of learning this delightful table. Table – 15 (27.08) Table -15 gives a sequence of even bigger numbers. There is a song about a sweet farmer and his pet parrot that will etch it into your head in no time. Table -16 (29.07) Table -16 is still a bigger number. There is a beautiful story that will make it easier for you to remember the sequence. Swimmy the fish would love to take you with him for a swim. Table – 17 (30.48) Table-17 is once again one of the challenging tables to remember. This story on Betty will surely help you, move with her on the dance floor. The table will waltz straight into your head. Table – 18 (32.21) You can learn Table-18 easily if you follow the story of Toby and this football injury. Learn the song and follow the story closely. Table – 19 (34.32) Table -19 is presented to you in an all new story. Here is a prince who won’t listen to anybody. Learn this song to know what happens to him. Let the table sink in! Table – 20 (36.06) Table – 20 is especially fun to learn because it’s about a millipede who is sporty and wears sports shoes!

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