Multiplication Table Rhymes – Table 1 in Ultra HD (4K)

Multiplication Table – 1 – A Fun and easy way for the children to remember what used to be a big task. The table is presented to you in the form of a rhyme, making it easy to remember.

Puffy the cat once found a bun.
1 oneis number 1
Squeaky the squirrelsaw it too.
1 twois number2
They wanted to eat it with hottea. 
1 three isnumber 3
So they went to the corner store. 
1 fouris number 4
The store keeper wasHarry Clive. 
1 five is number 5
They bought tea packets and cheese sticks. 
1 sixe is number 6
They made tea flavored with lemon. 
1 seven is number 7
They had a snack that was simply great! 
1 eight is number 8
They lay under a tree of pine. 
1 nine is number 9
They had a nice, long sleepthen. 
1 tenis number 10
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