Multiplication Table Rhymes – Table 13 in Ultra HD (4K)

Multiplication Table 13 is one of the most challenging sequences. The numbers fall in odd places. It’s not quite easy to get a grasp of the pattern. Here is something that will make this repeated addition easy-peasy, because it has a story speckled all over.

There lived a grasshopper, bright and green
13once is 1313 X 1 = 13
With a body like a leaf and legs like sticks
13twos are 2613 X 2 = 26
He loved basking in the sunshine 
13threes are 3913 X 3 = 39
In fields all day he hopped and flew 
13fours are 5213 X 4=52
He lived by a very big beehive 
13 fives are 6513 X 5 = 65
The bees worked all day while he played 
13sixes are 7813 X 6 = 78
The winter snow ended all the fun 
13sevens are 9113  X 7 = 91
The grasshopper had no food in store 
13eights are 10413  X 8 =104
But the bees were kind and not mean 
13nines are 11713  X 9 = 117
They sheltered him and kept him strong and sturdy 
13tens are 13013  X 10 = 130


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