Multiplication Table Rhymes – Table 15 in Ultra HD (4K)

Multiplication table 15 is a unique sequence. It makes arithmetic a lot much easier, if you know this one by heart! There is a super computer in your head than can work at impressive speeds… that is if you let it work! Use that superior brain of yours, and have fun singing this song on multiplication table 15.

Bill was a farmer who
15once is number 1515 X 1 = 15
He had a pet parrot called Birdy
15twos are number 3015 X 2 = 30
Birdy could talk and was full of life 
15threes are number 4515 X 3 = 45
He was also clever and witty 
15fours are number 6015 X 4=60
Bill once went to the pool for a dive 
15 fives are number 7515 X 5 = 75
Birdy watched him from a

pine tree

15sixes are number 9015 X 6 = 90
Suddenly Birdy saw a crocodile 
15sevens are 10515  X 7 = 105
He called William the court sentry 
15eights are 12015  X 8 =120
The sentry saved the farmer’s life 
15nines are 13515  X 9 = 135
Birdy became the hero of the city 
15tens are 15015  X 10 = 150


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