Multiplication Table Rhymes – Table 19 in Ultra HD (4K)

Multiplication table 19, broken down to bits you can remember. There is a linking line that you just can’t miss. Dive into this rhyme. Listen to song and see how it falls in place and fits. This is the simplest way to memorize a multiplication sequence of 19.

Tiger and Appu are waiting for Neena to return from school . They jump with joy when they see her alight from the school van but Neena appears glum.

Tiger (whispering to Appu) : Looks like someone had a bad day in school.

Appu : Hey Neena,  not a good day in school?

Neena : Well, the day wasn’t bad, but I’m supposed to learn the multiplication tables from 1 to 20. How am I going to do it?

Appu (Putting his tusk around her shoulder) : Cheer up Neena! We’ll find a way to help you!

They enter the house.


Scene 2 :


The three are in Neena’s room. Neena is poring over her book with the tables.  Appu and Tiger are thinking hard for a way to help Neena.

Tiger (Suddenly excited): Hey, remember how you made up that story for me to learn the numbers from 1 to 100? How about we make a song for every table and sing it every day?  There’s no way you wouldn’t know them at the tip of your fingers then. What say you?

Neena (Appearing a little doubtful) : Alright! Let’s give it a try…

Appu : Great! Let’s start with table 1 and make up a song ….



There was once a very fine queen.
19 once is 1919 X 1 = 19
Her kingdom was beautiful and great.
19 twos are 3819 X 2 = 38
Her son was the naughty prince Kevin. 
19 threes are 5719 X 3 = 57
All day he played with little chicks. 
19 fours are 7619 X 4 = 76
Once he was stung by bees from a hive. 
19 fives are 9519  X 5 = 95
He informed this to the queen. 
19 sixes are 11419  X 6 = 114
The queen knew the bear loved honey and bees. 
19 sevens are 13319  X 7 = 133
She called the bears Lou and Drew. 
19 eights are 15219  X 8 = 152
They ate up the honey with a bun. 
19 nines are 17119  X 9 = 171
They also ate up the bees in plenty. 
19 tens are 19019  X 10 = 190
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