Multiplication Table Rhymes – Table 2 in Ultra HD (4K)

Multiplication Table 2 just for you. What’s so special about this rhyme? There is a riveting story that runs all through… Learn the table, and the story. Multiplication tables are pretty easy.

On a big green tree, lived a cheery cuckoo
2 once is number 2
On the tree she ran a little flower store
2 twos are number 4
The cuckoo had two fine little chicks 
2 threes are number62 X 3 = 6
Happily she lived with them and her mate 
2 fours are number82 X 4 = 8
One fine day there came many strong men 
2 fives are number 102 X 5 = 10
The big green tree, they wanted to fell 
2 sixes are number122 X 6 = 12
To save the tree, the cuckoo was keen 
2 sevens are number142 X 7 = 14
She made garlands with flowers umpteen 
2 eights are number162 X 8 = 16
She garlanded every man who was seen 
2 nines are number 182 X 9 = 18
The men were touched and spared the tree 
2 tens are number202 X 10 = 20







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