Multiplication Table Rhymes – Table 3 in Ultra HD (4K)

Multiplication Table 3 is here for you to see! You can recite and sing this table at the same time. There is more… there is a story that goes with each line! It grows three fold as the table swells up… But then, what’s so special about number three?

Toto the tortoise lived by the sea
3 once is number 3
Into the sea, he made many trips
3 twos are number 6
Toto wanted a house really fine 
3 threes are number 9


3 X 3 = 9
So he built a house of sea shells 
3 fours are number123 X 4 = 12
It was the prettiest house ever seen 
3 fives are number 153 X 5 = 15
Around it he planted bushes green 
3 sixes are number183 X 6 = 18
One day he saw a pearl shining in the sun 
3 sevens are number213  X 7 = 21
He stuck the pearl on the front door 
3 eights are number243 X 8 = 24
For Toto his house was Heaven 
3 nines are number 273  X 9 = 27
To see it, came many creatures of the sea 
3 tens are number30







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