Multiplication Table Rhymes – Table 5 in Ultra HD (4K)

Multiplication Table 5 and a tale that goes pretty well too… Curious to know what that might be? Learn this foot-tapping, number crunching rhyme. It comes in bits and pieces that are easy for you to stitch together. By the end of this song, you should be thorough with the table. Play on and sing along!

There lived a little boy called Clive
5once is55 X 1 = 5
He had a twin brother called Ben
5 twos are105 X 2 = 10
Together they were always seen 
5threes are155 X 3 = 15
They resembled each other in plenty 
5fours are205 X 4=20
Now neat and clean always was Clive 
5fivesare255 X 5 = 25
But Ben forever was  dirty 
5sixes are305 X 6 = 30
Ben and Clive loved to dress alike 
5sevens are 355  X 7 = 35
Once a friend invited Ben for tea 
5 eights are 405  X 8 = 40
As Ben wanted to play, he sent Clive 
5 nines are455  X 9 = 45
Clive went dressed as Ben  all gritty.  
5tens are505  X 10 = 50






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