Multiplication Table Rhymes – Table 9 in Ultra HD (4K)

Multiplication Table 9 woven into a rhyme! Go over this song line by line, and discover the story behind! To know the story you need to know the tables by-heart… This tale is broken part by part!

Now, see how the numbers grow by nine-fold… Nine is the biggest number. Yes it is! It’s the last and highest in any string of numbers. When you add it up in a repeated sequence it’s fascinating to see the result. The numbers are definitely a lot larger when they end with nine. Happy learning!

High on a hill were many trees of pine
9 once is number 99 X 1 = 9
A robin nested in a tree thick and green
9 twos are number 189 X 2 = 18
The lush forest was the robin’s heaven 
9 threes are number 279 X 3 = 27
She loved her mate and two little chicks 
9 fours are number 369 X 4=36
They led a happy and contented life 
9 fives are number 459 X 5 = 45
Suddenly one day heavy rains began to pour 
9 sixes are number 549 X 6 = 54
It soaked all the birds living in the tree 
9 sevens are number 639  X 7 = 63
A kind squirrel came to their rescue 
9 eights are number 729  X 8 =72
She took them into her burrow till out came the sun 
9 nines are number 819  X 9 = 81
The birds were saved from the rain so mighty 
9 tens are number 909  X 10 = 90
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