Mushroom – Vegetable Rhyme

Mushrooms are great source of protein! They have such a delicate umbrella over them! They are used in just about all cuisines!

I’m an edible mushroom,

I’m also called a toadstool,

I’m a plant, in fact a fungus,

I don’t need sunlight to grow thus,

Some may think that I am meat,

As I’m rather chewy to eat,

But I’m purely and surely a plant,

Not an animal you must grant!


In many types I come,

Distinct in taste is each one,

If I’m edible I’m delicious,

If not, poisonous and dangerous!

Eat me fresh or store me dried,

Stuffed or sliced, grilled or fried!

With other veggies I go well,

With cereals and cheese as well!


I have mostly water in me,

I’m very low in calories,

Fibre, potassium abound in me,

Also minerals, vitamin D and E.

I help you lose weight and be fit,
I’ve also medicinal benefits!

For a long and healthy life,

Have lots of me is my sincere advice!

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