My Lollipop Tree – Nursery Rhyme with Karaoke

Ha ha! Just imagine if lollipops grew on trees, a dentist’s room will be cramped! Watch this rhyme for its beautiful imagery! This kid sings a song called My Lollipop Tree.

One fine day in early spring,
I played a funny trick.
In the yard behind our house,
I planted a lollipop stick.

Then every day I watered it well,
And watched it carefully.
I hoped one day that stick would grow
To be a lollipop tree.

Then one day I woke to find
A very lovely sight.
A tree all full of lollipops
Had grown in during the night!

Well, I sat beneath that wonderful tree,
And looked up with a grin.
And when I opened up my mouth
A lollipop dropped right in!

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