Nurse – Rhymes on Profession

Nurses are caregivers we always seek for comfort. They’re just as important as doctors. It’s impossible to imagine a hospital without nurses… It feels too cold and scary! With a nurse by your side, be it a bitter pill or an injection, you feel confident to go through any pain. Here is a song that tells you all about a nurse.

Of doctors and surgeons, I’m the right hand.

In every situation, I firmly stand.

In hospitals and doctors’ clinics I am seen,

I am trained well to play roles umpteen!




I am a nurse, I care for patients.

I’m very devoted, and full of patience.

A man or a woman I may be,

Always on my toes, you will see me!




In a uniform, I’m always dressed.

That’smostly white, and neatly pressed.

I always look calm and confident.

I am quick and skillful and efficient!






I check your body temperature,

Also record your blood pressure.

I make sure you’ve taken your medication.

I’m also trained to give you injections!



I assist surgeons in surgeries,

And give first aid in emergencies.

I dress your wounds whenever due,

I freshen you up with a sponge bath too!




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