Nursery Rhymes Vol 10 – Thirty Rhymes with Karaoke

Nursery Rhymes Volume 10 is one of our best rivetting and foot-tapping collections. It’s not just that, they’re educative as well. All you need to do is hit that play button!

Titles Included:
1. Two Little Dickey Birds
2. Bow-Wow Says The Dog
3. Ten Green Bottles
4. Are You Sleeping
5. Lucy Locket
6. Lavenders Blue
7. She’ll Be Coming Around The Mountain
8. Two Birds
9. Oh! Mr. Sun
10. Tom, Tom, Piper’s Son
11. Hiccup, Hiccup
12. The Man In The Moon
13. This Little Froggy
14. Betty Bought Some Batter Butter
15. Swan, Swam Over The Sea
16. Oats, Peas, Beans & Barley
17. Cocks Crow
18. Vintery, Mintery, Cutery Corn
19. One Potato
20. Ride Baby Ride
21. One For Sorrow
22. Apple Harvest
23. My Puppy
24. My Lovely Ship
25. Rabbit Astronaut
26. I Love Ice Cream
27. My Precious Stone
28. We Love To Play
29. Yummy Apples
30. I Am A Pilot

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