Nursery Rhymes Vol 3 – Collection of Thirty Rhymes

Is there a way to enrich a resource that’s already abundant? Of course, there is. As the demand for more meaningful pre-k content grows, adaptions of old rhymes and composition of new ones become a norm.

Volume III of Appu Series has some original rhymes, some old ones slightly adapted, some very old ones untouched and in their unique classical style.

Pre-K is a wonderful phase for children, parents and teachers alike. Plunge into Appu Series’ very own Nursery Rhymes Volume III and play on to unleash all the fun.

Titles Included:
1.Ten Little Pigs
2.An Apple a Day
3.Thank You Daddy
4.As I was Going to St. Ives
5.Bow, Wow
6.Five Little Monkeys
7.I’m a Little Snowman
8.Party on the Hill
9.The Pizza Song
10.Boys And Girls
11.Colin, Colin, Colin
12.Here is a Bunny
13.Christmas is Coming
14.Little Robin Redbreast Sat Upon a Rail
15.The Clock
16.Five Little Birds
17.Falling Leaves
18.Little Betty Blue
19.Here we Go with Karaoke
20.The Top
21.My Snowman
22.Look Outside
23.Hop a Little
24.Let’s Plant a Garden
25.The Lollipop Tree
26.Someone Came Knocking
27.Fairy Doll
28.Cherry Ripe
29.Go To Sleep My Baby
30.I Do Not Like Thee, Doctor Fell

Coming soon.

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