Nursery Rhymes Vol 4 – Collection of Twenty Rhymes

Alphabets, rhymes and everything a preschool kid needs know worked into some great foot-tapping tunes…

Rhymes in a cohesive story or in a completely out-of-the-ordinary format, they are the best entertainers and educators.

What’s so special about Nursery Rhymes Volume 4? It’s got some basic counting rhymes, old-time classics, alphabet songs and more…. It’s a special collection of educational and thoroughly entertaining songs. Just play and enjoy!

1.One, Two, Three, Four
2.ABC Song
3.Early to Bed
4.Eenie, Meenie, Minie, Mo
5.Five Little Monkeys
6.The Little Girl with Curl
7.Good Night
8.Handy Spandy
9.Little Boy Blue
10.What Are Little Boys Made of?
11.What Are Little Girls Made of?
12.I Love Little Pussy
13.Peter Peter
14.Roses are Red
15.Star Light
16.Three Little Kitten
17.Five Little Ducks
18.Cobbler, Cobbler
19.Rain on the Green Grass
20.Little Girl

Coming Soon..

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