Nursery Rhymes Vol 5 – Collection of Thirty Rhymes

A miscellaneous collection that contains a few classics, songs on vegetables, fruits and a good dose of flawless snowflakes and snow-themed songs.

Ahh… snow, there is something very special about it. Though not found all over the world, it never fails to fascinate people. There is magic every time it falls on to the ground.

Snowing means so many things to so many people– from fun winter sports to clearing out a snow-laden driveway, it could mean the start of white Christmas for some or time to build little snow-people with carrot noses.

Play this fun Nursery Rhymes Volume 5 comprising of fabulous themes.

Titles Included:
1.Clap your hands
2.My Puppy
3.My Family
4.I have a Toothbrush
5.Five Little Snowmen
6.Rubber Ducky
7.’A” you’re Adorable
8.Three Christmas Trees
9.Little Snowman
10.Rocket Rhyme
12.Ice Cream a Penny
13.Off to Home
14.Fishes Swim
15.Driving in My Car
16.Ricky Rabbit
17.My Airplane
18.Grandma’s Glasses
19.Little Polly Finders
20.A Child Should Always Say What’s True
21.In Spring I Look Gay
22.Little Robin Redbreast Sat Upon a Tree
23.Cackle Cackle
24.Eat Vegetables
25.Cherry Stones
26.Oh! Christmas Tree
28.Dip, Dip, Dip
29.Twenty White Horses
30.After A Bath

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