Nursery Rhymes Vol 6 – Collection of Thirty Rhymes

Apple picking, pets, dolls, teddy bears, fun countdowns, snowmen, fireworks, Christmas season and all things put a smile on your face– now how is that for a track list? That’s exactly what this Volume is made of!

A sequence of rhymes that will surely captivate you in terms of content and presentation. This will also meet your little one’s need for entertainment and education.

Play this scintillating Nursery Rhymes Volume 6 from Appu Series to unfold a magical combination of visuals and songs…

Titles Included:
1.The Apple Tree
2.Go To Bed Tom
3.Five Brown Teddies
4.Bow, Wow, Wow
5.Miss Polly
6.Doodle Doodle Doo
7.Five Little Ducks
8.Five Tubby Snowmen
9.Christmas Pudding
10.Little Poll Parrot
11.Fuzzy Wuzzy
12.Firework Party
13.Ice Cream
14.My Red Ballon
15.If I had a Donkey
16.Falling Snow
17.All Flowers are Waking
18.The Cuckoo
19.The Tortoise
20.Baby Dolly
21.Snow at Night
22.Off to School
23.I’m A Little Butterfly
24.Down at the Bus Stop
25.Just Me
26.Five Hungry Mice
27.My Pony
28.I’m a Dingly Dangly Scarecrow
29.Cluck, cluck, cluck
30.Kitty White

Coming soon.

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