Nursery Rhymes Vol 9 – Thirty Rhymes with Karaoke

Here is a special anthology of some old, adapted and some brand new tunes! Rhymes are always delightful. Watch Nursery Rhymes Volume 9.

Titles Included:
1. Hey Diddle, Diddle
2. Sleep Baby Sleep
3. I See The Moon
4. Piggy On The Railway
5. Alice The Camel
6. Curly Locks
7. There Was An Old Woman
8. The Animals Came In Two By Two
9. Lady Bug
10. Tell Me A Story
11. Sally Go Around The Sun
12. WXY Tumble Down Z
13. I Hear Thunder
14. Charley, Charley
15. Thank You God
16. When Little Fred Went To Bed
17. Christmas Comes But Once A Year
18. Butterfly, Butterfly
19. A Circle Is Round
20. Solomon Grundy
21. Once To Make Ready
22. Bell Horses
23. Dance In The Bathroom
24. Sometimes Sun, Sometimes Rain
25. White Cold Flowers
26. Five Colorful Birds
27. Five Little Naughty Mice
28. My Yellow School Bus
29. I Love To Smile
30. Shiny Smile

Coming soon.

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