Onion – Vegetable Rhyme

Onions are made of layers of skin, round and round and round. Watch this song to know more about this vegetable that garnishes almost all dishes all over the world!

I’m the bulb-shaped onion, I grow underground,


All the year round, in every town I am found,


I make your eyes water and burn when you cut me,


But don’t forget I pep your food up and make it yummy!!


At one of my poles is a bunch of fine roots,


At the other pole is a bundle of green shoots,


I’m covered by a skin that’s pink or white and thin,


I’ve whirls of flesh one inside the other within.


My well-known cousin is a spring onion,


A must for Chinese dishes that is loved by a million!


For your snacks and salads and curries, I’m precious as gold,


I’m highly medicinal, great for fevers, coughs and colds.

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