Orange Fruit Rhyme

Learn about juicy Orange fruit English nursery rhyme for children. Watch this amazing Orange cartoon fruits song for kids. A citrus fruit that’s good inside out! Every bit of it is useful! Skin, pulp and everything within! Watch this rhyme to know what more it has in store for you!

From my colour I get my name,

But if I’m green I’m not to blame,

I’m covered by a rind and shaped as a ball,

My tangy squash is loved by one and all!


Peel and eat me but save my skin,

It’s a very good cosmetic and medicine!

Full of fiber and nutrients great,

I taste yummy in cakes and marmalades!


I’m filled with a pulp that’s sour or sweet,

Packed in little bags with little, white seeds.

I’m very, very rich in Vitamin C,

Can you guess my name, now let me see!

Chorus : We know you’re the citrous fruit orange, you see!

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