Papaya Fruit Rhyme

Learn about Papaya fruit English nursery rhyme for children. Watch this amazing Papaya cartoon fruits song for kids. One of the most loved tropical fruits! It’s canned and sold almost all across the globe! It has a refreshing amount of different vitamins. Papaya is exotic in every way.

All around the top of my tree,

Hanging out from a bunch, you can see me.

When raw my skin is green as can be,

When ripe, it is yellow, orange or green.


My shape is like a big pear indeed,

I have many round and tiny black seeds.

When raw, my firm flesh in salads is great to eat!

When ripe, I’m bright orange and sweet!


I’m very rich in Vitamin A and C,

For good digestion, you must have me.

My seeds and skin are medicinal as well,

What fruit am I, can you tell?

Chorus : You are a papaya, we know well.

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