Passion Fruit – Fruit Rhyme in Ultra HD (4K)

Passion fruit has a delicate flavour. It’s impossible to make an artificial flavour of it because it’s one of a kind. You’ll know why… when you bite into one! Play this song, and it will certainly open your eyes to what the fruit has in store for you!

In South America I was first seen,
By the Spanish with thumbs so green,
It is they who gave me my name,
Took me to Europe and gave me fame!

In subtropical regions I grow on vines,
My pretty flowers are unique in design,
With petals, banded filaments and a crown,
That in no other flower are found!


I’m a berry and come in many types,
My skin is purple but yellow at times,
Long, round or eggshaped I may be,
My pulp is yellow-orange and like jelly!

I’m filled with many black edible seeds,
Covered in a jelly like pulp that’s sweet,
Just cut me open to eat me with a spoon,
And find me to be a great boon!

I have Vitamin A in plenty,
I contain fibre and Vitamin C,
My Vitamin B complex and iron,
Can make you strong as a lion!

Desserts are topped with my delicious sauce,
If you haven’t tasted my juice it’s your loss,
If not available fresh, have me from a can,
And quickly tell me who I am!!


You’re a passionfruit; we love your jam!



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