Peach Fruit Rhyme

Learn about Peach fruit English nursery rhyme for children. Watch this amazing Peach cartoon fruits song for kids. Yellowish pink delicate skin with a very soft flesh, it has all the minerals that you need. Here is a song that has everything you need to know about peaches!

(1 little 2 little 3 little Indians )

My beautiful blossom will take your breath away,

Cherries, plums and I are related in a way,

The Chinese discovered me long ago one fine day,

A colour gets its name from me today!



My skin is velvety and a yellowish red,

In the centre is a seed in a woody pit red,

Yellow, juicy and sour-sweet is my flesh,

Have me with my skin, ripe and fresh.



Have me raw or in the form of dishes,

Rich in vital minerals, I’m highly nutritious,

My jams, jellies, juices are simply delicious,

Name me, I’m so very luscious.


Chorus :  You’re a peach and indeed precious!!

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