Pear – Fruit Rhyme

Learn about Pear fruit English nursery rhyme for children. Watch this amazing Pear cartoon fruits song for kids. Crispy and crunchy with an amazing flavor, pears have a beautiful shape too! Listen to this song, and you’ll definitely feel tempted to get a basket of the fruit!

I grow from flowers pretty and white,

I’m like an apple all right,

I need plenty of sunshine,

But in a cool climate I do fine.


I’ve a light yellow or green skin,

That’s much richer than the pulp within,

My pulp is white, juicy and sweet,

In the centre are tiny, brown seeds.


I come in types various,

I’m low in calories and fibrous,

In vitamins and minerals I abound,

What fruit I am, have you found?

Like a pear to us you sound!

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