Peas – Vegetable Rhyme

These peas rest in pods and they are rich in protein! This vegetable rhyme on peas tells you everything you need to know about it!

I am a seed, round and a bright green,

I am the versatile pea,

I grow in a pod, on creepers not on trees,

Arranged with my siblings in a row neatly!


When fresh and tender and quite ready to eat,

I taste juicy and sweet,

I grow well when it’s cool but if you shell and freeze me,

All the year round you can eat me!!


Cooked or raw, mashed, baked or fried,

I taste simply yummy,

I’m famous for my soups, snacks and savouries,

With all the other veggies too I’m chummy!


When I am dried, peeled and split,

I’m stored and cooked as split peas,

In fibre, proteins, vitamins and minerals I’m wealthy,

For the environment too I’m healthy!


‘Alike as two peas in a pod’ when you say,

It means ‘similar in many ways’,

When you do something with ease, it is like ‘shelling peas’,

That’s how you can you use me in a phrase!

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